DeTask: On Chain Work on Solana

United States


Detask: AI-enabled product development platform on Solana. Go from Prompt to Product. Intuitively fund and manage ideas, AI agents and Taskers. All in one chat. Detask decomposes complex idea into small interconnected bits, assigning provable execution to AI agents and humans. Online work sucks. Current freelancing platforms fail to match skills with demand, due to poor way of assessing skillset and reputability. And it is very hard to manage freelancers, especially when one requesting doesn't have domain expertise. We believe that the missing link to a true decentralized internet is democratizing knowledge through AI. We are 3 Cal grads. 2 AI bros turned into crypto bros, and 1 crypto bro turned into an AI bro. We noticed that our ML engineering job was becoming more and more API engineering, and it was obvious to us that how we do work is changing completely. We are entering an era of soft labeling, where our biggest contribution can be done by leveraging AI tools to the max. Soft labeling means execution open to anyone, from anywhere, with any background. Powering intuition by democratizing knowledge and money. To leverage AI to the max, there needs to be a constant inflow of data coming in from our world. Which means, having verifiable execution aligned with human decision will be key, and we believe that is what have been missing in the DAO landscape. The openness of contribution.