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dBunker is a DePIN Financial Derivatives Platform with an open ecosystem designed to solve the challenges of broader user participation in DePIN projects. We design standardized financial products, potentially in the form of NFTs or tokens, to streamline access for everyone, which can benefit people like solo operators, investors, DePIN projects, and hardware suppliers. Solo operators can earn from operating the device, suppliers see increased sales through bulk orders, investors engage in a growing DePIN market in a much more easy way, and protocols gain through widespread adoption. Our platform supports device suppliers meeting our criteria to issue products and welcomes both solo and institutional operators to join as device operators. This inclusive approach propels forward the vision of a decentralized future, accessible to a diverse network of contributors within the DePIN industry.


Additional Information

Ebunker Ebunker is a leading node validation service provider, offering secure, transparent, and efficient non-custodial staking services. Currently, it provides staking services to over 350,000 Ethereum, being partner with Lido, SSV, Stader, Renzo.. https://www.ebunker.io/ ✨What we build: - Validator as a service: One stop online software solution for quickly running Ethereum validators or Eigenlayer AVS nodes. - DVT: Collaborated with SSV and Obel, we are developing SDVT modular for Lido. - eNode: a home grade node device for individual validators, official node device partner of Lido community staking and SSV. ✨Highlights: -Higher Returns: 1) 98%+ effectiveness and capturing MEV ensure higher base earnings. 2) Providing SSV token incentives for stakers, and developing SSV API for LRT to capture SSV earnings. -Championing robustness: Supporting public clouds, bare metals, miniPCs and custom nodes, and provide multi choices of EL and CL Clients. -Trusted by top protocols and institutions: Lido,SSV,Stader,Obel, Stakewise, Puffer, Renzo, okx,Antalpha...