AquaSave is an innovative startup committed to addressing the global water crisis by creating an ecosystem that integrates a network of IoT devices, the use of smart data analysis and Blockchain technologies, and incentivizes community participation with cryptocurrencies to monitor and analyze the situation of the planet's water resources. With water scarcity projected to become the number one global risk in the next decade, AquaSave recognizes the urgent need to take action. Our mission is to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly ecosystem around the water cycle, ultimately minimizing water consumption and waste while promoting and encouraging the implementation of successful water management policies in various contexts. AquaSave's market objectives include key players in water management and conservation, such as Companies, Public Institutions, and Governments, as well as individual Customers and Investors interested in ecological projects. The market size is considerable, as water scarcity and quality are global issues affecting all industries and people. Additionally, by issuing water footprint certificates, we will stand out in a new market with enormous potential.


Additional Information

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