MeshMap + City Champ



MeshMap is building a 3D map of the world through community submitted 3D scans rewarded by token incentives and fun gameplay. As a first proof of concept, we created City Champ, a mixed reality first-person combat and tower defense game developed for Meta Quest 2/3/Pro using Unity and Solana. As a player, defend your city from ghoulish creatures borne from urban social problems. Blast enemies, defend the city core, and collect reforms to win. As a scanner, scan the meshes for new play areas using your phone's built-in LiDAR scanner and submit to MeshMap to add endless level location possibilities.


Additional Information

The scan upload demo is available at The City Champ Quest game apk is downloadable off the github to be installed with sidequest. We also launched a MeshMap branded validator as part of the hackathon to promote the project and hopefully attract stake to subsidize development. The City Champ game evolved from a 2023 experiment called Yimby Nimby War which was presented at the Network State conference at Breakpoint. We are using enemy asset models that were created last year and we had conducted gameplay experiments for both PCVR and MagicLeap prior to this hackathon. During the hackathon period, we designed and implemented the final gameplay, added hand control UX, did all quest 2/3 development, introduced 3D scanning, and integrated with the Solana blockchain.