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Challenges and guided courses for Solana developers.


Additional Information

Zircon gives both new and experienced developers a place to learn the basics of building on Solana. - Guided Courses: Go from zero to one on Solana with introductory, intermediate and advanced courses designed in a style reminiscent on CryptoZombies and Buildspace. These courses not only provide a way for new developers to learn the basics of Solana in Typescript and Rust, but they also give projects with their own tech and tooling an apparatus for developers to learn it in an interactive format. - Challenges: Complete curated challenges in a LeetCode format, and compete with other developers to submit the best solutions, gain XP, level up, and assert yourself atop the leaderboard of Solana developers. This allows developers to hone their skills, and demonstrate situational skill to potential employers looking to hire in the ecosystem. Ultimately, Zircon is designed to be the dojo for Solana developers.